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What is Butt token?


Butt Token, the BSC token we all need right now! Butt Token will provide real art, NFT, and community events. Our long-term goal is for Butt Token to be a strong community and make it robust. We also want to bring street art projects into existence.


To make this a long-term investment and to bring the greatest value to our investors, we intend on creating an ecosystem around Butt Token via the Binance Smart Chain. Events and contests since the beginning of the project and until the end, we will be hosting various lotteries and contests to reward our community and encourage new people to join. Innovating art projects in cities all over the globe. NFT... and many more.

Steps to take before you launch

PancakeSwap has a private sale that took place before the official launch. Exclusive Presale for Lucky Investors

* Our contract is public and available to everyone who wants to read it 0xbB26981C7FF24d3FC5646AECe53D6d041E87E27D

* Audit Rate Tech audits the contract.

* We use the auto-lock function from the DXsale platform.

* PancakeSwap liquidity will be locked for nine months after the liquidity pool creation. Our goal is to make PancakeSwap a reliable payment method. With good liquidity, price, and demand. We will make every effort to promote the Butt token and ensure that the above is achieved.

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